Heighten Engagement

Engaging with your customers and prospects on social media should never be a chore. If anything this is the most exciting aspect of building a brand across social media platforms.

Many small-to-medium business owners are skeptical enough when it comes to the power of building a brand using digital properties, but actually connecting with those people and leaving an impact on their day is one of the most surefire ways to know that your strategy is working.

For those who have been posting endlessly to no avail, we have a few quick tips for you.

Drop the Call to Action

I may have just lost some of you. After all, having a call to action is a basic marketing principle. But hear me out.

Why do we need a call to action?

Do people really not know to a click on a link if it’s interesting to them?

Do they not see the crystal clear “Learn More” button you’ve embedded in your post?

That’s ridiculous.

If you want to engage your audience on social media, treat them like the intelligent human beings they are. Nine times out of ten, they’re bound to commit to your goal if it is something that appeals to them.

If not, maybe next time. No one is going to buy everything you sell all the time. Otherwise, we’d all be rich.

Furthermore, having a call to action feels spammy nowadays. If everyone is telling you to click the link below, then it’s completely meaningless.

Respond to Comments

When we say, “respond to comments,” we aren’t just talking about sometimes. We are talking about literally every single comment.

Have a dedicated resource in play to manage and market your brand on social media and ensure that this is a large aspect of their role.

Even if a comment is obviously spam (like someone attempting to promote their own profile on Instagram), it’s still an opportunity to build positive rapport. For one, your followers who see the interaction will see that you leave no stone left unturned.

Secondly, this person has followers of their own. When they comment on your profile, their followers will see that, thus introducing the world to you via the second degree.

And, if you really don’t want to interact the spam comments, just remove them. It’s your page, you control the message.

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously

When starting a business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of “I need to be 100% business-oriented all the time.” Many people see owning a business as they’re brainchild, so they want it to be just perfect.

News flash!

People don’t like that.

Yes; they want to be informed and educated about a certain topic, and you can definitely help them with that. But to quote an old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.“

Lighten the mood a bit. Share a GIF. Poke fun at yourself.

The Wendy’s Twitter account, for instance, has blown up with the reputation of being snarky and sassy. And people love it!

If you’re browsing through your social media channels and struggling to stay awake, there’s a good chance you should up the playfulness a tad.


Honestly, there are an abundance of ways to boost engagement. These are just a few tips that can go a long way.

The next time you’re posting on your social media profiles, incorporate them into your strategy. See what happens!

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