"Say, "Cheese"!": Experiencing Instagram Culture

This past Saturday night, I attended Jack's Pumpkin Nights Pop-Up near Goose Island. For me, the experience left much to be desired.

But as I looked around, I realized that this event was never built for someone like me. It’s built for the Instagram Culture.

Launching in 2010, Instagram quickly became the premier social media platform, enticing mega-company, Facebook, to acquire it. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Instagram is primarily used for sharing photos and videos, as opposed to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook that were originally designed to promote more text-based status updates.

Over the years, Instagram has only grown more popular as evidenced by the chart below from Statista [RY1].

But why?

It comes down to one simple ideal: Everyone wants to be famous.

Although many use Instagram for interacting with friends and family, even those people are still sharing their imagery with the rest of the world. Using excessive hashtags, slapping on filters, and replying to celebrity accounts only accentuates this.

Now, let’s talk about Jack’s Pumpkin Nights Pop-Up.

Despite being advertised as a “corn maze” (which wasn’t much of one), there might as well have been a giant neon sign flashing $35+ photo booths because that’s what it was. And, honestly, there isn’t anything wrong with it being that for the people who want it.

Admittedly, I’m pretty salty about my experience there, but it also wasn’t catered for someone who doesn’t post on Instagram for personal use on a daily basis. It was built for the people who do. And there were a plethora of opportunities to take cool and creepy Halloween imagery and blast it out to the rest of the world.

Love them or hate them, Jack’s Pumpkin Nights Pop-Up found a target audience and executed a successful business model on them. They have taken advantage of the growing Instagram Culture.

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Additional Reading

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