'Tis the Season

With Halloween just a mere eight days away, the holiday season is soon to follow. During this time, many retail businesses will be extremely busy as countless holiday shoppers stop buy to purchase gifts for their loved ones.

Some see this as the time to scale back on marketing because business is going so well that there’s no need to get the word out anymore. We’re here to tell you differently.

As a retail store owner, this may soon be your most successful time of year. However, this may also be your competitor’s best season as well. Although both businesses may do well, there is always one that performs at least slightly better.

With any and all of our clients, we encourage them to double down on the busiest time of year. Not only is it easier than ever to pick up new customers, but this is also a great opportunity to rapidly build your brand.

Throughout most of the calendar year, people may not actually be looking for what you’re selling. While that isn’t an excuse to stop marketing during the "down time”, it does help to put your business in perspective.

For instance, one of our clients, a Realtor, is heavily focused on the spring and summer season. For him, this makes perfect sense as that’s traditionally the most active period for his industry. Meanwhile, another client, a jewelry store, has a much larger influx of business during the gift-giving months, such as December (Christmas) and February (Valentine’s Day).

While it’s entirely possible for both of our clients to attract a great deal of business during other months of the year, they’ve spent a great deal of time studying their business, industry, and target market, so they know the peak season. During those times, they absolutely focus on not just doing slightly better, but actually dominating the competition.

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