A Challenger Approaches: Squarespace Joins the Email Marketing Game

Let's play a word association game.

When the phrase "email marketing" comes to mind, what do you think of?

For many, they immediately picture a platform, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ActiveCampaign. Although there are other companies out there focused on email marketing, these three have generally been the ringleaders for close to two decades.

However, that's all about to change.

Last week, Squarespace announced their expansion into the email marketing space [RYM1]. Not only is this a game changer for the company famous for its website builder platform, it brings a new level of intensity to the email marketing space in general.

Founded by Anthony Casalena in 2003, he started his journey with a simplified website builder service [RY2]. Four years later, the company earned enough that Casalena could onboard new team members and further expand operations.

This eventually led the company to enhance its service offerings to other fields, including domain hosting, eCommerce, analytics, and payment platform integration. With a now-extensive marketing strategy, featuring podcasters and Super Bowl ads, Squarespace has soared as a company, achieving a $1.7 billion valuation prior to an IPO [RY3].

Now, with the introduction of email marketing, Squarespace continues its company growth, while simultaneously providing customers with yet another way to launch their business through the platform.

So what is Squarespace promising with the all-new email marketing approach?

In a nutshell, routine functionality.

Squarespace's email marketing platform will allow users to create email templates, lists, forms, etc. While these options are all widely available on any other email marketing platform, Squarespace has a crucial advantage:

It's directly integrated with the user's website.

For those familiar with the process of integrating data between websites and email tools on other platforms, you're aware that this usually entails plug-in's. While plug-in's aren't bad by any means, they do add yet another step to the process.

As part of your Squarespace site, these email tools will be directly connected to your brand. This enables users to maintain consistent branding on their email templates and website, much easier than working with a third-party tool would.

Most importantly, having a Squarespace tool means that you'll have access to Squarespace's mobile-friendly customization. This drag-and-drop feature is light years ahead of freemium service MailChimp. And with over half of all website traffic stemming from mobile devices, this feature is a no-brainer [RY4].

Since Squarespace's email marketing isn't available for wide release yet, it's easy to say I'm getting ahead of myself. But everything they've shown so far looks promising. If it does take off, it's sure to give the MailChimp's, Constant Contact's and ActiveCampaign's of the world a run for their money.

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Further Reading & Disclaimer

To learn more about Squarespace's email marketing venture, check out their dedicated page. And, no; I wasn't paid by Squarespace. Just a really big fan.

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