Websites: Do It Right & Do It Often

For most businesses, their website acts as the cornerstone of their digital presence. Believe it or not, many small business owners first created their website around the new millennium. Then they were pulled in a variety of directions by clients, employees, and even personal obligations.

This has left websites in an afterthought state for many individuals, so users are treated to the same, dated experience. At best, this undersells the business. At worst, it's a negative reflection that turns away new customers.

Even those who have redesigned their website often attempt to do it as cheaply as possible, many taking the DIY route. For those with price as the number one factor, not only have they paid to redesign their website, but they still don't have the user experience and design that helps them to differentiate themselves against competitors.

So here's our advice: Do it right and do it often.

As a general rule of thumb, no one's website is ever "finished". New design trends, tech solutions, and business offerings are sprouting up every day.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that we all have that psychological need for closure. But saying that your website is "done" is like saying that you're done evolving as a business. And when that's the case, it's only a matter of time before someone else usurps that top poll position because they continually put in the time and effort to better their company.

By the same token, your time and money is extremely valuable, and you need to be strategic with both. You can't reinvent the wheel every day, especially when you are being pulled in 1,459,345 directions by other aspects of your life.

So here's the strategy:

Make Minor Changes Over Time

Maybe your business address is different. Maybe your Head of Operations left the company for a new role. Make minor updates to your website accordingly, but do it in a timely manner.

In the past, we've worked with businesses who have team members that left over a year prior, but are still listed on the website. It's not only confusing; it's downright careless.

By quickly reviewing your website on a weekly basis, you'll find that the changes are much more manageable. Plus, this allows you to experiment with different copy, structuring, etc. to see what approaches have the best impact on gathering prospects over time.

Redesign Every Two-Three Years

When we say, "redesign", we're referring to a complete overhaul. Not only will this allow you to spend enough time doing research on cutting edge design and user experience trends, it will also provide you with enough time to take a step back yourself.

Two to three years from now, you'll examine your website and find that something just isn't working for you anymore. Maybe some pages are redundant, or perhaps, the website builder as a whole hasn't kept up with the competition.

By this time, the market will have evolved enough to give you a clear vision for a starting point.

Hire a Professional

I have a mechanic who I've been going to for nearly a decade. Never in a million years would I try to do his job. The same principle applies to my doctor, dentist, electrician, etc. But I do have a talent and that talent is marketing businesses.

Similarly, when creating a website, reach out to a professional with design and development experience as opposed to tackling such a large project on your own. Despite the question of price, you can find professional website creators for an extensive range of price and skill levels. It just comes down to the amount of research you're willing to dedicate to finding the right resource for you and your business.

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