Email Marketing: The Low-Hanging Fruit

When I first started out as a digital marketing consultant, I thought that social media is the easiest value-added service to bring to clients. An astounding number of small businesses aren’t on social media right now, while their competitors have been absolutely crushing it. Plus, there are numerous platforms and each platform has its own “rules for success”. The market seemed to be wide open.

While this is still largely true, I’ve come to realize that there’s an even easier point of entry into the digital marketing realm. That point is email marketing.

While having a website, a consistent social media presence, and personalized content all fall in the must-have bucket these days, email marketing is distinguished from them in the sense that you must already have a connection to your clients and prospects. The very essence of email marketing dictates that you have an email address prior to promoting your brand to an individual.

Without that bare necessity, it simply cannot be done. Meanwhile, literally anyone can see your website, social media profiles, ads, and blog content. Although this may sound like a huge drawback for email marketing, it’s actually a monumental strength.

In most cases, an individual willingly provided information when you have that email address. The baseline assumption is that they WANT to learn more about your brand, product, and/or service. With that simple gesture, you already have your foot in the door as a business owner.

If you require users to double opt-in (and they follow through), that’s an even bigger bonus. A client or prospect has now told you twice that they are interested in your business. And once you’ve continued to validate that approval, you can use your email marketing list to enhance all of your other services.

Do you want to run a Facebook ad campaign directly targeting your current customers? It’s just a matter of uploading your list.

Do you want to ensure that your prospects read your latest blog? Send it to them in an email blast.

While this isn’t to say that other means aren’t effective at generating an ideal brand, an email marketing list should absolutely be your go-to when trying to reach the low-hanging fruit.

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