Blogging: New, Relevant Content

Everything we do is done to establish a brand for our clientele, regardless of whether they have a brand new business or have been around for years. For those who have been in operation for some time, we’ve noticed over the past five months that their reach tends to generally be limited to tight-nit communities.

While several are very proactive in local networking groups, that just isn’t enough anymore. Despite attending countless events, many of the relationships that are built, start out skin-deep. Similarly, anything expressed about a business is merely scratching the surface.

This is why we encourage blogging. No one knows about your business as well as you do, and it’s going to stay that way if you don’t put yourself out there.

For instance, sharing everything that I’ve learned about marketing would take days upon days. However, if I were to break that knowledge down piece-by-piece over time, it’s much more digestible for most.

And this is completely ignoring the SEO benefits of blogging. On the websites that we blog for, it’s only a matter of time before over half of all website traffic is consumed by blog content.

Why? Because it’s new, relevant content.

Every other page on a website is generally static. While static pages tend to hold well in rankings over time time, recent blogs will be the pages that actually lead users back to your platform. And if these blogs are properly optimized, businesses can even start to rank for keywords that aren’t even directly associated with your business.

For instance, we recently wrote an article for a law firm on Chicago’s real estate development scene. This article began to gain traction with keywords, such as Chicago, Burnham Lakefront, and Lincoln Yards, phrases not directly associated with the firm. However, this expands the overall reach of the content and the brand as a whole because additional areas are touched upon.

Similar to most digital marketing efforts, blogging is a win for education, traffic, and SEO. Even if you have time to share your thoughts just once a month, you’ll noticeably improve your digital footprint over time.

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