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The Hottest Marketing Trend That Won Black Friday

The Hottest Marketing Trend That Won Black Friday

During this time every year, countless consumers begin the process of crossing off their Christmas shopping. For many, including several friends and family members, Black Friday becomes the unofficial kick-off ceremony for said shopping spree.

Last week’s Black Friday shopping extravaganza led to consumers achieving a record-breaking $6.22 billion in online sales. As a matter of fact, just in the lead-up to Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day has become “the fastest growing shopping day” of the year, seeing an impressive 28% year-over-year growth.

Expats for a Week

Expats for a Week

For those who have followed us on social media throughout the week, you’ll know that Maria [Rizzo] and I just returned from vacationing in Positano. However, you may not know that this is the first vacation we’ve attempted to take in a little over a year and a half.

Admittedly, I was pretty high-strung going into it. When I thought of all the emails I receive on a daily basis, the thought of it just seemed nauseating.

What would happen to my business?

What if my clients needed me and I couldn’t answer?

Have we even “earned” a vacation?

These questions floated in and around my head on a daily basis leading up to our trip. Adding to all of that, we’re on the cusp of launching a major digital marketing initiative that we’ve been working on since May, and it’s just about enough to make anyone second-guess taking time off.

But when it came time to leave our apartment, truth be told, I was completely set free. No work talk. No thinking about next moves for our company. No worrying.

But that didn’t mean I turned away work completely, which put me in the unique position of living life as an expat for a week. To get through that week without putting business to a screeching halt required a good amount of preparation.