"Rizzo Young Marketing is truly a great marketing firm for your company.They are what you need to make your business succeed in this modern era. They will show you the strengths and weaknesses of your business and provide you with great advice and knowledge. Now, more then ever, is time for Rizzo Young Marketing to make your business number 1."

- John C.

"Rick Young and Maria Rizzo are entrepreneurs that know what they are doing! Our companies, Cambridge Title Company and Michna Law Group have been working with them for the past year with great success on all social media platforms. They are professional and provide very personalized service and processes. I highly recommend this company!"

- Susan L.


"Rick brings a ton of energy, creativity, and thoroughness to the team. He's one of those rare employees that isn't content just learning the basics of his role and executing them--he asks intelligent questions to bring each task into the "big picture" of the organization, then actively seeks new ways of doing things to maximize efficiency and improve the bottom line. Over the course of the last year, Rick's role in the company has evolved more than any other employee, and it's directly due to his ability to learn quickly and go the extra mile on complex projects. I would happily work with Rick again and endorse him for any role requiring a curious, energetic, team player."

- Kevin L.

"Rick is a distinguished writer who displayed a great deal of enthusiasm with his work and a high level of professionalism towards his clients. Glad to have you in our team Rick!"

- Zach M.


"Rick is awesome, he's very professional and fun a multi-talented business professional with a knack for sales!"

- Michael-Ray T.

"When I think of Rick Young, I think of a guy who refuses to be outworked. It's a cliche term but Rick literally will not be outworked. He's one of those people that takes a position and becomes immersed to the point he can teach it to you. Besides his work ethic, the one thing I love about Rick is his ability to be reliable and professionally honest."

- Gabriel E.


"Rick was my dedicated inside IT consultant for 7 months and it is with great satisfaction that I can recommend him as a person with great proficiency and deep experience of solutions. Rick is self-motivated and always willing to help and come up with a suitable solution. He has a great customer focus and provided me with exceptional service. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Rick is absolutely your go-to person!"

- Lizette E.

"Rick is a very skilled person with a positive outlook. He pays attention to details and sees the job through to completion. He has the ability to effectively deal with the public. I wholeheartedly recommend Rick!"

- Tim S.


"Rick is a task-oriented, critical thinker and was always willing to take on any assignment. I was most impressed with Rick's thoroughness and attention to detail. He personifies professional in every sense of the word and will excel in any field he chooses to pursue."

-Charles C.

"I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Rick these past few years. Rick demonstrates a strong personal and professional character, which is constantly reflected in his work. While many seek to do the bare minimum in a professional setting, Rick would energetically seek out assignments and tasks. His work ethic, dedication, and loyalty set him apart constantly from his peers. There is no doubt in my mind that he would be a valuable asset to any team and I give him my highest recommendation."

- Michael T.


"Rick is definitely one of those people you want to have on your team for the best situations as well as the worst situations. While working with Rick, I was able to see him grow professionally as well as personally. His tenacity, demeanor, behavior, intelligence, and his ability to work with people put him years ahead of his peers. It is my pleasure to give Rick the highest recommendation possible based on the grounds of his outstanding character and his impeccable work ethic."

- Travis S.

"Rick was a dedicated, hard-working part of the team. He was proactive and sought out opportunities to get involved. I know he'll bring that same positive energy and hard work to future endeavors."

- Tom D.